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Flavia is a very (very, very) tall girl (181 cm), book eater, galactic nerd/geek, feminist, know-it-all, film and tv series addicted , she has a blue tardis nails and she is a great girl, and I think one day—if we're very very lucky—she might even be a good one

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We as artists always get times when we just can’t draw anything right and the act of drawing is leaving us upset and frustrated. Often the advice given is to just work through the block, but I don’t think that works that well!

If the problem is just that you lack motivation, then setting yourself small goals like sketching a different cat every day is a good way to keep yourself motivated, but if it’s because you’re aggravated and frustrated then forcing yourself to draw will only leave you more upset. And that’s no good!

The first thing I suggest you do is take it easy for a little while.

Take a couple of days off, do something different. Play some games, read a good book, cook some food. Chill. Relax.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break when you need one, your health matters!

Stress is often the thing that makes art so frustrating. If you’re too stressed, you tense up and nothing you draw comes out right. You need to take breaks and let yourself relax. Sometimes after taking a break that’ll be all you needed! Take it easy as long as you need to.

The second thing I’d suggest is to come back after that break and critically examining why you’re getting so frustrated.

Are your lines just not up to scratch? Do you need to study anatomy more? Is it the colours? Take some time to just research (my blog is filled with tutorials and you can ask me for advice!), and do some exercises designed to improve these things.

For example if the problem is that your lines are too stiff, doing some draughtsmanship exercises and gesture sketching is a good way to improve on that!

Doing little exercises should help you get back into the groove, and then when you’re ready you can start working on those bigger pieces that hopefully won’t frustrate you so any more. And if they still do, ask for some help!

But the most important thing to do is to take breaks when you need them. You’ll burn yourself out if you don’t, and that’s no good!

They say that to get better you need to draw every day, but truthfully if you draw without any direction you won’t improve all that well and you’ll just tire yourself out. Taking breaks every now and then helps you see where you need to look to next!


Louise Brealey at the Sherlock Holmes exhibition party, Museum of London (16 October 2014) [x]



The Geek Girls Litany for Feminism by Sam Maggs




The Geek Girls Litany for Feminism by Sam Maggs


October 17, 1966.
Happy Birthday, Mark Gatiss!


Over the hills and far away, a misty mountain hop. Photos by michal karckz