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From today it is a week that I can not draw or paint.

I’ve had a very terrible month, I was feel like if I were was on a roller coaster. It is started with a great expectations, hopes and joy, but this isn’t  lasted for a long time and this month is ended in the worst way.

I still wonder if  I have been pretty beside her in this last few days, if I could make her forget the pain,If I am able to overcome this loss,

even just for a little while….

In this last few days I’ve lost an important part of my family, and I feel empty, and angry, and sad.

From today it is a week that I can not draw or paint.

Every day I go to my studio and sit down in front of a blank sheet without being able to do anything.

Still I am not able to cry
Still I haven’t yet managed to cry.

Maybe because I think that this is all a bad joke,

and maybe she’s still alive.

Maybe her husband will call me from the hospital and tell me that everything went well, that tomorrow resign her from the hospital and that it was nothing serious …

… it was just a bad joke …

Maybe I should cry…

…but I can’t.

Maybe I’m just afraid to realize that she is no longer beside me.

….maybe I’m just tired of all this empty…

Can I get through this?

  1. sherlolly answered: Oh, sweetie. I’m so sorry. It takes time, maybe you will cry and maybe not. Either way is ok. It gets better with time. Hugs.
  2. hihiyas answered: *hug* :( i’m so sorry for your loss, darling. *hugs some more*
  3. creamocrop answered: All I can give you is this virtual *hug*. I am so sorry. You’ll get through it eventually. You just really need time.
  4. broomclosetkink answered: Oh sweetheart, I am SO sorry. I didn’t write for two years after my grandfather died. Grief sucks the creativity away. It WILL get better. <3
  5. morbidmegz answered: You can get through this. We are all still here for you, should you need to talk or vent or whatever. Love you! MAJOR HUGS!!!
  6. varjaks answered: I’m sorry you lost someone close to you. I can’t claim to know exactly what you’re feeling, but I do hope you’ll be able to move past this.
  7. mayacakaia answered: Yes, you can and you will, just take your time. I’m so sorry
  8. kialna answered: Aww…*hug* I’m about to lose someone too. And in this week I’ve lost both my bike and my job. This month has been terrbile thusfar. *hug*.
  9. theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes answered: You will, but it will take time - and I am so very very sorry.
  10. almightyalicia answered: Yes you can.
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