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This post is only to say thanks.

This past month was been horrible to me, but I want to say thank you to those who were close to me in these dark times.

Thanks to those have filled my ask box of kind, lovely, encoraged words (I promise that I will answer to all).

Thanks to those have sent  to me wonderful music, beautiful mail and funny things, only to see me smile.

Thanks to those who hugged me tight and whispered sweet words to me to not feel me alone.

Thanks to those who phoned me or sent me a texts, only just to be close to me.

Thanks to my Mother who is always stronger than me.

Today I tried to draw again, but I felt the pencil heavy like a stone.

I have already went through all this, and I should know how to face it.

But it’s always new.

It’s like swimming counter current in a cold sea.
I just have to convince me to take a deep breath and slowly begin to move forward to avoid to drown.

Maybe tomorrow I can draw again.
I just try to distract myself and get away from the darkness.

Paola would like to see me smile again, because she was still smiling and joking despite the disease.

I still repeat to myself ( like a mantra) that the life goes on, despite everything.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, know that your words have helped me a lot to not drown.

Grazie, infinitamente grazie!

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